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  Kristin Jarden’s Vegetarian Cookbook
by Kristin Jarden
ISBN: 978-0-473-07564-4
Second edition
298 pages
8½ x 11¾ inches (page size)
Edited by Jill Ronsley
  The vegetarian cuisine of India is a national treasure and one of the finest forms of vegetarian cooking in the world. Kristin Jarden’s Vegetarian Cookbook presents hundreds of delicious traditional dishes, from the simple to the complex, as well as her own original recipes and invaluable cooking tips.  
  This inspiring, practical guide will enable you to master the art of Indian vegetarian cooking and spicing in your own home. Enlivened by vivid descriptions of Indian life, mythical stories and gems of ancient wisdom, it also provides insight into this fascinating country, its culture and its people.  

(shipped from India)

  • 300 easy-to-follow recipes
  • traditional and modern Indian dishes
  • healthful cooking with reduced fat
  • egg-free baked deserts
  • a comprehensive glossary of ingredients
  • 18 color photographs
  • suggested menus
  Kristin Jarden’s Vegetarian Cookbook is a double joy to use. The recipes are precise and easy to follow, and they result in a delicious dish every time. The colorful anecdotes and descriptions sprinkled throughout the book give the reader a real taste of India. Highly recommended!
— Arlene Kezwer, caterer and author, 50 Eggless Baked Delights

KRISTIN JARDEN, a New Zealander who has lived in India for many years, trained with some of the nation’s great chefs. In 2010, she was featured on Highway on My Plate, an Indian prime time national television show on Indian food. She was interviewed by Radio New Zealand in 2002 and has written numerous articles on Indian vegetarian cooking. She has catered meals for groups of over 500 people on Indian festival days and has taught the art of Indian vegetarian cooking to aspiring chefs from around the world.

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Rocky, Kristin, Vippin and Mayur. Rocky and Mayur star in Highway on My Plate, an Indian national TV prime time show on Indian cuisine. Vippin Sharma owns "Valentino’s Cooking with Herbs Restaurant."